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totally free adult personals

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"Male Swingers", whether married or single, often find The Lifestyle to be an amazing experience. Although women usually lead in "The Swinging Lifestyle", the man is often the one to introduce their wives and/or girlfriends to The Lifestyle. Often, men that are not active in The Lifestyle would be if only they could find a partner who was ready and willing. Guilt also plays a factor in stopping men and women alike from swinging.

"Swinging" allows couples to discover fantasies and desires as a team, enabling a greater understanding of sex which in turn permits sex to take a role in the relationship uninhibited by the usual ties to monogamy, gender roles and other boundaries assumed by couples.

"Swinging" can be defined as freely engaging in social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, excluding dating. Many people call it recreational or social sex. "Swinging" may occur at a swing party, a foursome between two couples, a discreet rendezvous, or between a couple and single for a threesome. Although many single men and women are involved, the majority of active swingers are couples.

"The Lifestyle", for many couples, increases happiness and contentedness in their relationship as well as a better awareness of themselves and their spouse. Many couples in the lifestyle also report more closeness, less role playing, and a more equal partnership.

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