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Problems getting it up?

Your mind is sexually aroused and those participating in this swinging encounter with you have given you the green light to proceed. But, your best friend, your ultimate pleasure tool just stares at the floor and refuses to salute. This is PERFORMANCE ANXIETY. Performance anxiery in the lifestyle is a common occurance. Not only common with men but with women as well. The male will have problems achieving and sustaining an erection where the female simply can't relax enough to achieve an orgasm. Performance anxiety is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Most swingers have experienced it sometime or another and are very understanding. If you have experienced performance anxiety, here are a few tips that may help prepare you for your next encounter....Stay away from too much alcohol consumption. This can make your penis lazy, causing problems with an erection. Abstain from any sexual contact including masturbation for a few days prior to an encounter. Practice relaxation and determine if there is something on your mind troubling you and work through it. If the anxiety still persists, consult a physician to detrermine if viagra or other erection enhancing medications could be helpful. Nooooo, taking viagra does not necessarily mean that you have an erectile dysfunction problem. Beleive it or not, a lot of men in the lifestyle rely on Viagra occasionally. There you have it! Men, don't stress because your soldier let you down and women don't freak because you are multi orgasmic and could not achieve an orgasm. Relax and practice some of the tips that I have shared. Hopefully your next encounter will leave you and your partners satisfied and happy.

Thanks for reading Gin's thought for the day. ~ Gin ~
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