Discovering my bi side

Author: phillymark

It started out as a dare. My friend bet his wife that she could not handle both of us. We had had a few glasses of wine and she was very relaxed. We headed to the bedroom and started removing her clothes(a basic black dress that tied in the back). He dress slid down and exposed her pert breasts with very long nipples that begged to be sucked. We each latched on to a fantastic nipple and proceeded to lick and kiss and nibble as she began moaning and asking to be fucked. I was on my knees licking her nipples (she was only 5 feet tall) as he came up behind her and with a bit of manuvering, slid his cock into her wet pussy. I slid lower and licked her now fully extended clit. He slid into her deeply and I sucked her clit into my mouth and tongued it hard. She stiffened as she came and as that happened, his cock slid out of her pussy and between my lips. The taste of her fresh cum and the awesome feeling of his cock sliding between my lips was fantastic. I sucked hard on it and was rewarded with a sweet load of cum. Now, with both juices mixing in my mouth, I stood and shared my fresh cream pie with her as I kissed her deeply. He and I stared at each other, not sure of what to do next, we both thought that we were straight. He solved the problem by takiung my still hard cock between his lips and too quickly, sucked me dry. We have since expanded our horizons including prostate massage and toys. Bi is awesome.

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