Frist time without my HUBBY

Author: weforfun

Hi, I just have to let it out. It all started about a yr ago. Hubby and I would go to a local hotel bar and he would sit on the far side off the bar and watch me showing off to all the men and some ladys at the bar. Sometimes I would let the guys walk me to my car and we would kiss and some I would let them feel my 36c tits. Im 50 but still looking good. as my hubby would watch from the parking lot. mI would get so wet, I would be the start of allnight sex for my hubby and I.
One night this real good looking guy was there. I would chaat with him, and let him get a good loke at my tits. I could see he was enjoying it very much. And me as well. He aske me to dance a couple of times.I could feel the heat from this guy. He had me soo hot Iit was thinking a kiss was not going to do. I left for the restroom and hubby was wait for me when i got out. I told him we should go. I was get to hot amd I need to make love BAD.. And he said If I would like go for it. I couldnt belive my ears. I have never been with any one other then my hubby 23yrs. I to;ld him I didnt think I could do it. He kissed me and said just go and have some fun If it happens it happens it was ok with him.
As i got back to the bar , the men had order me a new drink. Well a few more drinks and some very hot slow dances i was wet hot and willing. I could feel this guy cock whe we danced and I loved the feeling. And he4 was feeling me tooooo. The sides of my tits and my ass. He was realy working on me. Soft and slow. Just the way I like it. As the last song ended he took my face in his hands and kissed me, Very sofe and slow, then fuller and deeper. As we ledt the dance floor he took my hand and in stead of going to the bar he headed to the elevatos, There was no stopping me now.
Once in the room he slowly undress me and kissing my face and my neck as he worked his way yo my tits my nipples always are hard and about a 1/2" long. and took my nipple in his mouth and suck for all he could. I stared to cum right then and there. As I le3gs got week i slid to the floor I was looking at his cock he had pulled out it was big very big. thick and a huge head I could hardly get my hand around it. I told him I didnt think he could get all of it me. He said not to worry. It took sometime but he got it all in all 9" I came as soon as he was in. I came 6 times. I will tell you more later. I have his phone number He come to town often. And my hubby love the idea as well.

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