Helping a friend

Author: Liesl213

Well my best friend was home when I arrived And I called into him in his room to let him know I was home. He asked me to check this out, and he was looking at porn on his computer I started to look also well a few min's turned into hours of looking and we both were getting Very Horny. Now we both use to swing with our wives for many years and so we have seen each other perform but never like this he started to rub his cock in his shorts and before you know it so was I. he asked me if I minded if he pulled it out he was horny and wanted to J/O I said as long as he didn't mind either well me standing there and him sitting in his chair I can see his 9" throbbing piece of meat and with out realizing it I stooped looking at the hot woman on the screen and was starring at his hot meat. I was getting hornier by the Min. so I also did notice he caught me looking at him. he asked me if I every had a guy jack me off before I did when I was in my teens to my mid 20's but not since then he said he's not gay but for some reason he wanted to do that to me I told him OK. well it felt so good that soon I had him stop for I was going to bust a nut. He then said now what are we going to do I told him it was his turn to close his eyes and lean back and Enjoy. he thought he was getting a hand job until my warm wet lips sucked him in. he looked only for a second then closed his eyes again. after a few min. he said it feels good but his ex-wife was never able to get him to cum from a B/j we I gave it my all and before I knew what was happening he grabbed the back of my head started face fucking me and yelled I'm cumming and blew his load in the back of my mouth. My first load ever from another man I have tasted my loads a few times it was very good. he the next day said he never wanted to talk about it again. it was the only time with him I offered a few times still no. But found a new friend him and his girl like men who suck cock but thats another day !

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