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Author: PantyUs

True story of my wife’s first panty pictorial shot by my best friend!

By Nikki Evans

My lusty brunette wife – Michelle - is so sexy in her halter top, cutoffs, and
panties that I wanted her to show off her buxom, all natural 38-28-38 to another
man and turn him on with her amazing talent. I could watch her get fucked and
cum screaming or wait at home while she explored another man’s cock as long as
she returned with a detailed account of her sexual encounter! Hearing her brag
about how hard she came and how long and deep he fucked her would really turn me on.

But her monogamous nature left her very nervous even though she really
wanted to do it! She never thought she would be able to live out this type of
fantasy. Convincing her that this would make me hot and not harm our bond as
lovers was impossible.

Then we agreed to ease into this erotic adventure. A black lingerie photo
session with a new friend - DJ - we had met through our neighbor. His sexual
innuendos were obvious and he seemed the perfect choice to photograph my wife in
her very first black lingerie panty shoot! And she wanted to do it! Not only
would this get me hotter than ever but it also seemed to do the same for her.

My wife undressing in front of this man - alone in his bed while she spread her
legs for him - drove me crazy. We agreed I would wait at home and she would
return with the pictures along with the dirty details immediately after the
session. All we needed to do was ask him. So we did. And he jumped at the
opportunity to see my wife half naked in his bed without me there!! And so did I!!

One morning after the 3 of us were up all night partying and watching adult
movies he said he had to return to his house to meet a friend. He wanted to take
Michelle along for company. Horny and high she agreed instantly to go with him.
I knew he had a digital camera so I slipped two pairs of her favorite panties in
her purse to change “in to and out of” knowing this was it! We all exchanged
knowing looks as they departed. Promising to call me on his cell phone upon
reaching his home, she smiled back at me as I watched her slide closely next to
him and pull away. About 20 minutes later I was waiting with my dick dripping
when the phone rang. I picked up trying to sound cool but my wife knew me
better. The tone in her voice was playful and horny but a bit teasingly cruel
and cryptic. I asked what was happening and all she said was “You’ll definitely
be happy!” Then he got on the phone and we talked while she changed panties. He
hung up seeming distracted and in a hurry. I waited with my imagination going
crazy for another 30 minutes. Then the phone rang. “Hi Sweetie” she whispered in
a guilty sort of tone. With anxious anticipation I asked if everything was cool
and she happily replied, “You won’t believe how great they turned out!” And she
was on her way home!

I quickly asked her if she had changed into the red satin thong I put in her
purse. She forgot. But knowing how badly I wanted to see photos taken by him of
her in those panties too - she laid back down and changed herself from black
bikinis to the red satin thong slowly making sure to lotion and powder in

The pictures came out amazingly sexy. I jack myself senseless to countless kinky
and erotic poses. My wife posed in another mans bed - clad only in and changing
from black bikini panties to a red satin thong - while laying out for him to
photograph - makes me cum so hard.

I have pictures – she has pictures – and so does he! If you’re interested…maybe
I can send you one! Or even better…maybe you can have her model for you. Maybe
something from your wife’s panty drawer!

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