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Me and my mother in law

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Author: neil31

We live just outside of Preston and we had been married for 10 yrs, Ann my wife and I have always been happy in and out of bed. About two yrs or so ago my mother in law Ann step mother started showing interest in me and started asking questions like do you spend lots of time in bed making love ect.
Then about a month ago my father in law said that Jean in a silly way fancied me and that they have talked about what it would be like to have sex together, I was shocked but a little turned on, I said that sounds great and left it at that. Two weeks ago Tom my father in law said would I like to call round oone afternoon while Ann was at work and have a little fun.

I called round on Tuesday afternoon and there was Tom and Jean we had a cup of tea then Tom said that he wanted to stay and watch what was going on, I said fine then Tom told me to stand up in front of them and to undress, I took off my shirt then my pants and by this time I had a hard on it was great I looked at Jean and she was blushing, I pulled bown my shorts and stood in front of them as they looked at my dick. Jean told me to sit down on the chair and to start wanking myself but not to cum.

Tom then got up came over to me and started to wank me a little in front of Jean, he asked Jean did she like it and thankfully she did. He told her to stand up and then started to undress her, Jean is about 5ft 8in slim and blonde and in my opinion attractive, he took of her top and bra and started to play with her tits her nipples were hard and I could tell she was enjoying herself, but as yet I could'nt tutch, he then took of her skirt and told her to sit on the chair opposite me he then pulled her knickers off and told her to open her legs to I could see her cunt, she did'nt have much hair around her so I could easily see her lips, Tom started to play with her a little and to open her cunt up so I could see right inside, Jean by this time had'nt said a word she moans a little and by the look on her face was very excited, would you like to suck her tits said Tom and in a flash I was there, she tasted just wright after about 5 minuete Tom told me to start licking her Jean gave another little moan and I started to lick her lovely wet cunt we both enjoyed it, all the time Tom was telling me to put my tongue in deeper.

I then stood up in front of Jean and Tom told her to suck my dick she did and she very good she started to lick around my ball and I could see pre cun joice cunning out of my dick I thought at first she was going to wipe it off but she did'nt and sucked it up, I said any nore of this and I was about to cum, so we stood up and went to the bedroom we lay on the bed I lifted her legs so far up they nealy went round her neck and started to push my dick into her wet cunt she loved it, after a few moments I pulled my dick out and told her to suck it, it was shinny and wet from her cunt juices, by this time she did as we said without question, before pushing it back up her I started to lick her cunt again it was that wet I thought she had peed herself while I licked her she did cum, I looked across the bedroom and there was Tom stripped off and ready for action he came on to the bed and started to play and kiss Jeans tits then went down on her licking her cunt I could see Jean was in the throwes on another cum it was great.

Tom then started to shag her so I put my dick into her mouth so she could suck on it, then Tom told me to lay on my back and for Jean to straddle me my dick slid into her cunt it was fantastic, Tom was kneeling at the back of us and I knew he was feeling her arse hole he ask her could he push a finger up her arse and the first words I heard her say was a mumbled yes I could see Jeans face tensted up as he pushed his funger up her arse then I could feel him tutching and feeling first around my balls then around my arse it was different but nice. Jean then said it's Tom's turn and Tom lay on his back and Jean sat ontop of him face upward I could see Toms dick going right inside Jeans cunt she asked me to play or lick her as Tom was shagging her I felt all around them Jeans clit and Toms dick I started to lick at her clit witch sent her wild as I was doing that by accident or not Toms dick kept comming out and he told me to put it back up her on the third or fourth occation just before I was pushing it back Jean asked me to suck it for him it was wet and very hard I did'nt see any harm in it so I started to suck on Toms dick I could taste Jeans cunt as well as Toms dick it was a real turn on.

It was Tom's turn to do the same to me, Jean on her back and Tom's head on her tummy so I would push my dick up her cunt a few time then let Tom suck on it. I was by this time ready to cum and I wanted to cum in Jeans mouth and she agreed I layed by there side while Tom started to shag her again and before long he started to cum, then to my suprise she knelt over me and told me to start and lick her cunt I could feel Tom slowly wanking me so Jean basically sat on my face and told me to lick her at first I could only taste her but after a while I could taste Toms spunk it was hot and salty and a lot of it Jean kept rubbing her cunt over my face untill there was nothing left, I then knelt up and put my dick in jeans mouth and told her to suck it it was'nt long before I started to cum I kept my dick in her mouth all the time until ever drop was spent. Tom then came across to Jean and started to kiss so her so her also could also taste my cum.

Although we have never realy talked about it we all know we all had a good time It is difficult for Jean and I in a sence to be alone, but some time when we stay over Tom will come into the bathroom while I'm in the shower and play with me a little it is very nice and on one occation Jean while Ann was making breakfast came into my bedroom and wanked me off.

I hope that SOON we will all get together again and have some fun

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