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My wife's lactating girlfriend Jo

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Author: justincace

My wife had a girlfriend by the name of Jo. She was very frisky. She had the biggest tits of all our friends and I had heard rumors that she loved getting her pussy eaten. Jo became pregnant by some guy she had broken up with so she was at our house often during this time. She showed up one day right before she was to give birth with a sex table game. She told us after she gives birth she like to play it with us.

After my wife had our youngest she would love, during sex, for me to suck the milk out of her tits and kiss her so she could taste the milk also. She would love for me to suck her hot breast milk french kiss her and fil her mouth with it, then she would place my cock in her mouth and would give me the best blow job.

Well about a month or so after Jo gave birth she called us one night and said she had a sitter and asked to hang out. It did not take long after she got to our flat that the board game was out and clothes were coming off. I so bad wanted to see Jo's big swollen milk filled tata's I was hard just thinking of them. I think my wife wanted wanted to see Jo's tits also because everytime she got to give a command to Jo, Jo had to do something to us or loose clothes. (My wife wanted to taste another womans breast miik real bad. I had tasted,as I like to say, white, strawberry & chocolate milk)

It was not long before Jo was completley naked infront of my wife and I. Jo looked beautiful standing there naked. She looked so good for having a kid just a month before. Her tata's were huge. Her nipples were the biggest I ever saw in my life. My wifes nipples are big but Jo's were huge. Her pussy was hairy and her lips were swollen and hanging low.

My wife went up to her and open mouthed kissed her. This was only the second woman I had seen my wife make out with and I was in awe. As they kissed and groped each other, Jo quickly undressed my wife. I already had pre cum forming from just looking at these two naked woman.

Soon I was naked and joined my wife, worshiping Jo's hot breast milk. We would get some in our mouths and kiss each other letting it run down our naked bodies then we would do the same with Jo. The sight of Jo's breast milk running down her beautiful boddy and going through her dark black pussy hair made it look like I had dumped my load on her bush. My wife had the same look with Jo's milk pooling on her very hairy orange haired pussy.

I then led them to the bed where I laid them down and began eating each of them for 30 second shifts. Eat one the jump to the other and then back. I told them they both tasted so good. I had wanted to taste Jo's pussy for so long that I started to make my time eating her hairy cunt longer and longer.

Soon I felt Jo grab my hair and scream out loud she was cuming. She held so tight I thought she would rip my hair out. Her body started slamming up and down so hard for so long I thought she would break my nose. This went on for at least 5 minutes, no bullshit 5 minutes. I would look up to see my wife sucking Jo's breast milk right out of Jo's huge tits while my wife was now using her vibrator on her clit. When I pulled away from Jo She was moaning and till this day I will never forget the quote "I cum 21 times, I never have cum more then twice, I am going to not be able to move, but I want to cum again!"

Soon my wife got doggy style on the bed and I got up and put my cock deep in her pussy. She angled herself on the bed to be able to kiss Jo while Jo used my wifes vibrator on her own swollen pussy. I hit my wifes G spot and she went crazy causing Jo to cum again in the process and they fell on top of each other in a sweaty pile of used and abused tits and fine pussy.

I was still waiting on my first nut so they said if I could tell by a taste test who's pussy was who's, I could get off how ever I wanted. Hell yea! No doubt I was going to get to penetrate Jo's black hairy box tonight.

We went out to the living room and sat on the couch. The girls started kissing and finger fucking each others pussies. They also were finger fucking themselves at times with the opposite hand they fucked each other with. They then made me cloe my eyes and one at a time Jo stuck two of her fingers in my mouth. The big moment......and I guessed wrong. Shit I bet the wife is going to kill me. Nope she just laughed and said "men it figures".

So I do not get to fuck Jo's pussy. Instead they said they would both blow me till I came. So they both started to suck my dick and balls. All the while Jo is squirting us with her breast milk. I couldn't take it and picked my wife up and bent her over the couch. I shoved my rock hard cock up her tight red pussy. Jo stays on her knees and keeps sucking my balls and now plays with my wifes clit. I hit my wifes G Spot for the second time in the night and proceed to fill her cunt with what seemed like a gallon of sperm.

We all retire to the bedroom to rest and fall asleep. The bed is drenched with sweat, pussy juice and breast milk but we are all so spent we just lay down and doze off.

We ended up having two more threesomes with Jo but the first was the best.
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