Odd Job pt 1

Author: guysinfull

In college, when I was 22, I worked odd jobs to make extra money while in school
during the summer. Jobs would be posted on a board on campus then I would call etc.
One of the more memorable jobs was on a farm. It stated there would
be light weeding, gathering wood for a burn pile etc.

When I arrived, I saw Mrs Olverio. She was roughly 45 yrs old, fit body and
longer blond hair. I noticed her curves right away. Her sundress clung to her
tight figure. At one point I noticed her nipples were hard. I think she was
drinking a gin and tonic. We walked around the property and she pointed
out the jobs she wanted me to do. I got started and time past.

For one job, I had to move the recycling bins into a shed. Inside the shed
was a box fullof porn. I stopped, looked around, and starting looking at
the collection.I was pretty aroused. Perhaps that is why I didnt hear her come
it. I was blushing. SHe said they were her sons. She closed the door and
knelt about me. I felt her hands sizing up me dick from the outside of my
pants. She seemed pleased with what she felt. Slowly the zipper opened
and I was inside the warmest mouth. Her tongue batted around the head.
Then she went deep. I moaned. She stepped out of her sundress. She pushed
me back on the floor and strattled my face. Her skin was soft. Her pussy was
bald. I buried my tongue into her pussy. That made her suck harder.
I spread her checks and caught a good look at her butt hole. I wondered
if see would let me finger it? I felt her tits smashed against my chest....

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