Open to Change

Author: Primespark

Sounds of explosions surround me as I navigate my way through the game area on the LCD screen. My wife Jane is sitting on the love seat surfing the net on her laptop. She normally is not around while I am in my man cave playing games but lately she has been around more often than not when I am down here. I don’t mind since playing by yourself can be boring and she has been known to throw out comments if something happens while I am playing.

As I was blown up by being the smarter AI in the game I shift my position on the couch to hopefully help me focus better. I was thinking about how to attack this time without getting surrounded as I hear from the love seat, "died again dear?" from her.

"Yes but I don't see you picking up the controller to help," I shot back with a smirk.

She smiles at me and looks back at her laptop screen and carries on with what she was doing. I have known her for over 16 years and have been her only partner and lover. In all the time that I have known her she has not changed that much. She is of average height with dark brown hair although since she had started going gray at a young age so she dyes it a light red to help hide the gray. Her boobs are a little bigger then when we met from giving birth to our two boys. Although I don’t consider myself a tit man, I do love sucking them. She doesn’t have an athletic body, but the curves are in the right places to give my mind a few inappropriate thoughts. When she walks her ass sings to me as each cheek moves in a hypnotic way.

I have put on the weight since we first met but have started to work out and am losing weight fairly fast over the past four weeks. My job over the past 10 years has allowed my body to become pear shape and in the past few years it has been bugging me. The drive to lose the weight was my own so that I can keep up with my boys as well as to look and feel better about myself. With the dramatic weight loss over the first month has given me a new self confidence. Also my energy has come back which is great when I want to do things around the house or even the occasional romp in the bedroom. Not saying that our sex life is nonexistent but it is more on par with doing the laundry which is not bad but not great.

As I start to reload the level to try to beat it she looks up at me and quietly says, "do you remember when you said that if I was curious, that I could explore my feelings?"

"Yes" I replied as my mind was in marriage ear mode and was really focused on the game and didn’t really pay attention to the tone of the question.

"Well I think I found someone that I want to fuck!" she says as she looks at me.

My brain froze. I died again in the game since my fingers stopped moving and I tried to process what she just told me.

Did she really just said that? How did it happen? My mind racing with these questions and then having more. As the game restarted automatically I tried to navigate to where I just died but my mind was still not focusing on the game. After attempting two more times at my game I just pulled up the menu from the start button on the controller and exited the game. Not worth trying to play if I am not able to concentrate.

I looked over at here as she was quietly typing away. "Who is he and how did you find him?" was all I could ask with my mind racing along numerous questions and possible answers.

"Well I registered on a website and -"

"You went on a website looking for someone?" I quickly interrupted, blurting out instead of realizing that I should have been more reserved when asking this.

She softly spoke with slight hesitation. "It was on a whim. I never really thought I would find someone. We started chatting and, well, I think I want to sleep with him."

I sat thinking for a moment trying to absorb my wife of 12 years on what she has just told me. This is also one of the few times that I have been speechless, with the other on my wedding day when she had a prepared speech that blew me away and had me babbling like a fool to try and compensate. I didn’t have anything written down which didn’t help but was shocked as to how much thought went into her speech. Normally quick to respond I am now sitting dumbfounded in disbelief. I shift nervously on the couch again trying to not to feel uncomfortable and look at her trying to read her mind.

"Trevor are you okay? You seem," she trails off in thought. “Are you all right?” she asks again since my face must have looked like I will still in shock.

"Just caught off guard by what you said," I quickly responded and then grab the remote and navigate the menus looking for one of our recent shows to watch.

“And his name is?” I asked calmly even though I was not sure if I wanted to hear it.

“Gary” was her response although it would matter that much since it was still someone that wanted to fuck my wife. “He is in a open marriage and we have been talking for over a week.”

How have I missed that? I wondered, Am I that oblivious to her what she has been doing? Have I have taken for granted my quiet wife who has become curious sexually? Quickly focusing back from my wandering thoughts I asked, “Any thoughts on what you want to watch?”

She glances up from her laptop screen and glances at the TV shows listed on the screen and says, “not really, whatever you feel like,” she offers.

I quickly find one of the shows that we both enjoy and clicked play. As the show starts up I slowly look over at her to see what she is doing. She is staring at her screen. Then a slight smile appears on face as she starts to type quickly. Is this really the woman I met so long ago? I pondered, as the show played an action sequence that I barely noticed. My mind was not focused on the TV at all and for the next hour. I only thought about what she just told me, with my stomach starting to turn into a knot from my nerves.

⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ ⤫

An hour later the show finishes and I am still deep in thought with more questions than answers. Jane has been on her laptop appearing to be chatting with Gary the whole time. I really didn’t absorb what we just watched with my mind trying to process what she told me earlier. I started to navigate to see what other shows we have, not really paying to much attention to what I am reading.

Jane turns off the laptop and puts it down in front of her on the bench, which serves as our coffee table. She stands up and looks at me as if to decide something and then sits next to me quickly and says, "I also told Gary that I would do this!” She grabs the top of my pants and pulls them down to expose my limp cock. She smiles as her hand reaches out to rub my cock which twitches and starts to swell up in her hand. She leans over and starts to slide her tongue from the base of my cock up to the tip. My eyes close and I feel her hand lift up my now stiff cock so that her mouth has easy access to it as her tongue circles the head. I let a quiet sigh and my hand moves to her head and I slowly stroke her hair.

She lets out a short groan as my had slides down to her neck and starts to trace her ear lobe with one finger. Her mouth slowly slides down to the base of my 6 inch cock to take it whole. I groan, can’t believe that my wife is sucking me with so much passion I might explode. Before I could think about it anymore she starts to rapidly stroke my cock with her one hand while massaging the tip of my cock with her mouth and tongue. I lean my head back, trying to stay in control and not blow my load into her mouth. She has never swallowed and I was not going waste it in her mouth when I can empty my load into her pussy. I grab her head and start to pump my hips shoving my cock into her mouth trying to go deeper. She responds and lets me fuck her mouth for a minute.

She sits up with her hand still stroking my stiff cock and says, "and I will tell him exactly what I just did to you.”

“Really?” as I start too get more aroused by what she just said. I stand up to pull my pants off my ankles as my cock standing at attention pointed right at her. Leaning down I grab her loose shirt and pull it over her head and threw it to the side in one smooth motion. Taking her hands I stand her up so I can pull down her pants to exposing her wet pussy that is definitely in need of attention.

“Well, you can tell him that I did this to you then,” as I slide my tongue over her tit and then down her chest to her sweet nectar. I pause as I admire how wet she is and then slowly suck her clit into my mouth. She collapses onto the couch with her legs in the air to allow better access and I bury my head in her wet pussy. A moan escapes her lips as I start slowly sucking her clit again while my tongue starts to do circle motions. She moans and starts to gyrate her hips towards my face trying to get me deeper into her. My hand slides up to her pussy, and my index finger slowly starts to part her lips looking for the sweet spot. I feel how wet she is and my finger is quickly saturated in her juices. It slides in parting the lips, it finds her vagina oozing her love juice which I now swirl my finger in, teasing the outside of her sopping wet hole. As I am swirling around the edge she starts to push her pelvic towards my finger trying to invite it deep inside her.

I lift my head and smile at her with my mouth covered in her pussy juice as my finger still circling her pussy lips and smile as to what is to come. Jane slowly opens her eyes and looks down at me and smiles as she knows what is coming. She sees me dive down to her pussy again as I buried my head between her legs trying to taste all of her at once.. I slide my finger partially into her vagina and can feel her move her hips to get a better position for my finger to hit her g-spot. Moving my mouth to her clit my tongue starts to tease her by rapidly moving over it as quickly as possible. My finger slowly slides in and out at a steady rhythm feeling her move in time with her hips. I can feel her vagina start to get tighter, so I speed up. Licking ravenously on her clit as my finger is ramming into her cunt, making a wet slapping noise over and over again as my finger buries itself into her pussy. She is soaking wet in anticipation of receiving the real thing instead of fingers.

I suddenly slow down and pull my head up to look at her pussy. It is fully saturated from my saliva and her juices. I start to kiss her clit gently and I tease her hole again with my finger. A groan comes from Jane and her hand slides down to my head and holds it down making sure I don’t stop. I then slide my finger up to just below her clit and then slowly slide it down past her vagina and back up again. She slowly grinds my hand as I do this, trying to urge my finger back into her pussy, as I tease and move my finger lower towards her rosebud. I start to lick her clit and slide my finger to gently touch her rosebud and back up to her vagina using her juices to grease the way.

As my finger slides down, I pause for brief second and slowly make circles with a little pressure. She raises her ass and pushes a bit as I slide my finger away and back up to her and I can feel her wanting more. I apply a bit more pressure and my finger ever so slightly slides in to her anus and then out again a moan escapes her lips and she moves her ass towards my finger again trying to have it penetrate again. I let it slide a little way in again as her asshole easily lets it slide in and then out again. Slowly moving my finger in and out just penetrating slightly has Jane moaning with each attempt.

My cock is is stiff and ready to be used with pre-cum covering the head and wanting a place to deposit it. I really want to fuck my wife now so I stand up to remove the rest of my clothes but as I start to take off my shirt Jane sits up and grabs my cock and pops it into her mouth. I groan with surprise as I slowly take my cock out of her mouth which leaves it with a slight “plop”. I look at her and push her back as she lifts her legs up to expose her wet cunt. My cock pointing right at her pussy, I maneuver myself so that my cock is resting on her wet pussy, sliding up and down coating it in her juices. Feeling how wet she is I get more excited and I can feel her trying to shift her hips so that my cock will slide into her dripping hole. Jane manages to navigate my cock to be outside her hole. I smile and gently slide it in slowly. A groan escapes her lips as it goes all the way in to the base. Her pussy lips seem to suck me in, not wanting to let go as I push my cock all the way in and then out at a slow pace.

I start to pump slowly, watching her tits bounce up and down in time with my hips, as I look down at her beautiful face. Her eyes are closed and another moan escapes her lips as my body brushes her clit while pumping her pussy. I lean forward and start to kiss her passionately, and her tongue reaches out to mine as we intertwine them like two dragons in the air trying to stay flying. I feel her vagina tightening around my cock knowing that she is getting close to cum. I don’t want to blow yet, I think and start to slow down a bit to gain some control of my cock which is wanting to release its load so badly.

I pull away from her lips and slide down to her breast and suck on a nipple gently with my teeth and pull on it. Her groan gets louder and her hips gyrate more trying to get my cock in deep. She is pumping her pelvis in rhythm to my body, trying to get my cock to hit the right spot for her to climax. Each time I pump my cock into her I grind her clit with my body, trying to heighten the experience. I shift positions slightly trying to get a better angle so that I can drive her over the edge, to have her scream out loud, to hear her voice and release the building orgasm in her body. Her groans get louder and her mouth starts to open and with each pump of my cock into her, a slight whimper comes from her lips. With each passing thrust she gets a little louder and her arms go around my back pulling me in closer. Her legs go higher into the air trying to give as much access to her pussy as I ram my cock into her.

Suddenly she starts to tighten her arms around my neck, pulling me even close with her tits flattened up against my chest. Her mouth lets out a little scream as I start to loose control. I feel my balls starting to tingle and knowing that I am about to burst, I speed up as fast as I can go. The couch is start to rock with each thrust and making her louder each time I bury my cock into her. Finally I can hold back no longer and I let a loud groan as my balls let loose and I shoot my load into her vagina. My legs start to tremble a bit as I keep pumping my cock which is spurting out my cum and she approaches her orgasm. She trembles and lets out a long whimper and squeezes me as tightly as possible. I continue pumping my cock into her as I finish depositing my cum into her. She opens her eyes and looks at me with lust in her eyes. She pulls me in close for a hug and whispers in my ear “You do know that you are the only one. I will always come home to you and that will never change” she reaffirms to me.

“I know, you just caught me totally off guard with the news,” I said out of breath. I started to smile “But I will say, this is the is the hottest sex we have had in a very, very long time.”

Jane smiles and kisses me passionately and then shifts her butt a bit letting my semi limp cock to pop out of her. She positions herself to not to let any of my juices flow out of her on to the couch.

“Do we have any towels down here? I don’t want to baptise the couch.” She lets out a quiet giggle as she looks around the basement for a solution.

I glance over where I normally sit every night to my small table and only notice the Kleenex box which in this case wouldn’t be much help.

“Hmmm, don’t have much down here to help with that. Then again we don’t really end up fucking down here.” I chuckle. “Guess we should get the bathroom built sooner then later.”

“That would be nice, and make things easier since I do suspect we will be doing more of this down here,” she says with a wink as she picks up her pants and slides them back on quickly try not to leave anything behind. She grabs her top and heads off towards the stairs so that she can visit the bathroom and clean up. I watch her ass go by and think about having another round of that in a little while.

As she heads up the stairs I wonder what has just happened with my wife. She wants to sleep with another guy and is more horny then I have ever known. Is this really my wife who I met so long ago who was reserved and shy? Who never felt a cock until I slid mine in while she was on vacation at a condo so many years ago taking her virginity?

I get up off the couch figuring that I should follow her to bed since my mind won’t stop going and maybe I get some more questions answered. I recall she has mentioned a threesome and I have always wondered if she really wanted to have two cocks at once. My cock starts to stir again with that thought. I am unsure on where this adventure is going to take us but so far I am not complaining.

“I wonder if this mean that I can also explore as well....” I mutter to myself as I climb the stairs to find my wife upstairs

To be continued

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