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Strip Poker

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Author: 1wrestler

We were playing strip poker with my wife's best friend and her boyfriend. After he, Marcus, got naked by the bad luck of cards, I followed. The girls were living it up. We were drunk and high-- this was the first and only time I ever smoked pot. The girls went to the bathroom and I told Marcus that if he would spread his legs, I would blow him. I never thought I would do such a thing. When Anna and Michelle returned from the bathroom, I was on all fours taking Marcus deep in my mouth. They didn't miss a beat and Anna, my wife, came over and started kissing Marcus. Michelle got down with me and started licking Marcus' balls. i was sucking for all I was worth when Michelle asked me if I would like to sample her pussy. I immediately quit sucking his cock and started sucking her. Anna went down on him with more energy than she had ever done me. In minutes he was cumming in her mouth. As he grunted, I looked over to see her swallowing his spunk. She saved the last drop for me and crawled over my face to watch it drip onto my lips. Michelle was riding my cock and when Anna let another man's cum drip onto my lips, I filled Michelle's pussy with everything I had. We came at the same time.
Then, Michelle and Anna lip-locked, sharing Marcus' cum. When they pulled away from each other, they were grinning at us. It seems they had this planned for quite some time and were waiting for the right moment for it to happen. We slept with opposite partners that night and Michelle rocked my world as I listened to Anna and Marcus moaning in the other room. That was a night I will never forget.
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