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Sultry Encounter

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Author: trixieloowhoo

She sits at a table in a smoke filled bar. She is waiting. She impatiently uncrosses her legs and begins to cross again when she glances up and sees him watching her. His eyes are filled with his fantasies of her. She slides her skirt a little higher so he can gaze upon her soft and smooth pussy. She slowly drags her finger down her low cut blouse to reveal that she is not wearing anything underneath. The heat in his eyes is exactly what she wants. She smiles devilishly at him and he comes closer to her. As he sits down he spreads her legs open just a bit more to feel the heat of her pussy. She slyly looks at him and softly whispers,"I thought you were never coming back." His eyes hungrily cross across her perfect tits and pause at her already slick pussy. He puts in 2 fingers so that he can feel her juices begin to flow down his fingers. She is wanting him more and more. She tries to take in more of his fingers by grinding against them. They kiss passionately and his fingers are making her move harder and faster against then until she is ready to explode. He pauses and drags his wet fingers up her stomach around her tits and finally to her mouth. She hungrily takes them in sucking all of her own juices off his fingers. He gently unties her blouse and now she is completely naked and waiting for him to take her while the entire bar watches. He places her on the table and begins to suck on her nipples. She is panting with anticipation. He then gently bites her nipples and she lets out a moan of pleasure. His other hand take her nipple and twists and pulls it until it is standing hard and waiting to be tortured again. He bites her nipples until she is almost breathless with ecstasy. The heat coming from them is almost too much for the bar too handle so he teases them and her. He drags his tongue down her stomach and down to her smooth, dripping wet pussy. He licks the outside of her pussy. The tip of his tongue spreads open her pussy lips. His tongue begins to fuck her in and out in and out. She spreads her legs wider so he can lick all of her cum. His fingers now join his tongue, in and out in and out. He hears her screams of pleasure but does not stop. 3 fingers now dripping with her juices. She is ready to explode. A fourth finger enters and she begins to explode all over his face and fingers. He swallows all of her sweet juices as she continues to ride her waves of ecstasy.
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