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The Private Room

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Author: Corielle6115

We held hands in the parlor. I was nude under my terry cloth robe, she was in a silk gown with her intimate bra and panties underneath. I drew her closer to me, felt her almost naked body under the silk, and craved her ample breasts and the delicate hair of her sex. I kissed her hand, opened my robe, and put her hand on my naked penis.

“Ohhh, be patient darling, you’ll be deep inside me soon enough, in that very special place we enjoy so much” Angela said softly over the calming, sensual music in the background.

Pillows, thin curtains of velvet and satin, separated us from the rooms of pleasure. While we waited our hostess, clothed in a revealing top and skimpy panties that barely covered her ample bottom, served us warm green tea. Another couple sat with us, a lesbian couple who looked into each others eyes warmly and lovingly while they gently caressed each other’s thighs.

The hostess parted the satin curtains and withdrew for more tea and cookies. We watched the Lesbians, our good friends Lynn and Amy, and the warm aroused glow on their faces. They kissed each other on the cheek. Then Lynn drew Amy close, aligned Amy’s mouth with hers. And placed a deep, deep kiss with her tongue deep into Amy’s mouth.

more to come...cum...
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