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The Wedding Party

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Author: chicple

I was the best man at a buddy's wedding. The reception was raucus with much French 75 and champaigne.

After the reception the plan was for the me to drive the bride and groom to their hotel near the airport. They had an early morning flight. I had arranged for a 2-room suite for their overnight stay. I had also arranged for a bottle of Alize and of champaigne for that last toast to the newly weds before I left. At the last minute 2 of the bridesmaids and their husbands decided to make the trip with us! They brought a bottle of cognac from the reception!

We arrived at the hotel and somewhere during the the congratulatory toasts, the bride and groom went into the bedroom and lock the door! The 5 of us were left in the reception area of the suite with everyone too drunk for the hour drive back to the city. Despite the alcohol, common sense prevailed and we decided to take a nap before attempting the drive!!

One couple took the couch and lay down spoon fashion and knocked out. The other couple took the only chair! He sat it in; she took her coat, made a pillow and went to sleep with her head in his lap! I found an extra blanket in the closet made a pallet on the floor and promptly passed out!

I awoke a few hours later to the snoring of the couple on the couch. The other guy was still sleep in the chair but his wife was no where to be seen.

I heard the toilet flush and in a few minutes she came out. I had noticed her during the wedding practices, ceremonies, etc. She was a plain looking woman but kind of cute. Her hips had that fullness that would one day make for a decided pear shaped and some decent legs! She looked like and was the mother of 3 kids!

This evening she wore a plain white cotton blouse and a grey skirt knee length skirt. She also wore the empty look and loose smile of someone who had not quite recovered from a night of drinking! As she sat back in front of her husband, this time facing me on the floor, she noticed I was awoke and said: "well I guess it's about time to get the rest of these drunks up and get out of here!" I said: yep! I can handle the drive now!

As we talked she put her feet flat on the floor with her knees raised and leaned her head back in her husband's lap stretching. I got an instant look at a neatly trimmed, panty-less pussy!! Alcohol impaired reflexes did not allow me to react in time and when she looked back at me I was still staring at her pussy! She said: "Oops! I guess i should have put them back on, huh?" I said something silly like: Don't mind me! I'm just enjoying the view! She said something about it being nice for a man to enjoy looking at her after 3 kids and 25 years of marriage. I said from my vantage point, you still look good enough to eat! She said my husband hasn't done that in years!!

I covered the 6 ft between her and I on my hands and knees. We looked at each other as I approached. Common sense said: this is dumb, crazy stupid, etc.!! There's a couple sleep on the couch who could wake at any moment!! There's a couple in the bedroom who could walk out at any moment! And, finally, her head is in her husband's lap!! He could wake up and catch you!! The alcohol said: go for it!

I buried my face in a soaking wet pussy! I used my tongue to slowly press between her pussy lips, moving up and down with soft licks at her clit on the up stroke! She put both of her hands over her mouth to stifle a sound! Her back arched into the air pressing her head hard into her husband's lap! I took her clit into my mouth and began to suck it hard while a finger massaged her G-spot! She gushed!! Her cum sprayed my face and ran down my chin on to the rug! In less than 5 minutes, it was over! She slumped in her husband's lap and looked at me a little wild eyed as she pushed me away!

She ran to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat up took the blanket and wiped my face. It was covered in her cum. Even after wiping my face, the musky smell of her was in my nose! As I set there, my head pounding from the diminishing effects of the alcohol, my cock throbbing from unfinished business, the couple on the couch stirred and began to wake up. While we struggled to get her hubby up, she came out of the bathroom, avoiding my eyes. She quickly put on her coat and helped us half carry her husband to the parking garage and my SUV. We put him in the back cargo area and he was snoring as the other couple got in the back seat. There was maybe 7 or 8 inches between the bucket seats in the front but it felt like the Grand Canyon for that long quiet ride into the city!

The other couple were first out and when we reached her house, I had to help her, half carry, half walk her very drunk hubby into their house and down to their bedroom! He fell across the bed, fully clothed, and continued snoring. As I turned and walked toward the door I remember thinking what a bad situation this was and could be if she felt guilt pangs and confessed!! As I reached the door she tapped me on the shoulder. She said I want to thank you for helping me get him home. I also want you to know that I feel very guilty about what happened. But that once i sort out my feelings I liked to call you to talk about what happened.

And she did a couple of months later. But that's another story!

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