Tied up and taking turns

Author: Datadave

My girlfriend Lori was a brutal dominatrix and she loved to fuck me on her terms, she would build up a fight and then make me get on the defensive. I would end up wanting to get the fight over with and submit my body to her demands. She was a freak and loved to be tied up too. One day after she finished jacking me with her favorite toy. She asked if I would tie her up and fuck her up the ass like she does me. She was nice and submissive and I probed her, not even roughly. I was going to fuck her in the ass but she didn’t want that so I let her up, I let her loose and she talked me into laying down and spreading my legs, and she had tied one leg before I knew it and I didn’t want to be tied up, but she tied my other leg, being a little forceful cause I was trying not to let her, then she made the restraints really tight and secure and spread my legs even farther. When I was secure, she went at my ass with a belt and whipped the shit out of me and groped me so roughly, using her fingernails, I screamed and yelled but it only made her that much more brutal, she put stuff up my ass that had no business being there, she didn’t fist me but she had most of her fingers up me, and she pushed things up my ass that really hurt. She bit my ass cheeks and spanked me really hard. I might have blacked out but that didn’t seem to stop her, she became a crazed maniac and lost all control and continued to fuck me roughly as I lay there and bleed out my ass. She even made a joke that in was “having my period” and she fucked me for about 6 hours and I didn’t even know I was bleeding until I saw her face and she had blood around her mouth where she had been rimming my ass. She put a huge dildo up my ass and she fucked me hard with it then put it in backwards and it had rough edges, it hurt, them she used me as a sabian and sat on top of me and rode me so hard that I was sore for a week. I may not have loved the pain but I felt like I need to let her do it. When she let me up she started crying and I had to comfort her, but she was probably playing me. I thought she was going thru some emotional times and we could get thru it. But I never let her tie me up again. She however had me tie her up and fuck her with toys and stuff, she loved it liked it rough, she had me rape her, not just make her cum repeatedly, but it had to be rough and she loved to be whipped with my belt. At least I think she liked it, she begged for it and made me do it hard, and taunted me to do it harder. Once I think I got carried away and whipped her pussy so hard that I felt bad, but later she told me that it was really good and she came with every hit after I got it going, That time she was very submissive for the whole day, and she worshiped on my balls the whole day. She was very demanding, she had me do her with a favorite toy, tongue, fingers and cock. She was a freak and she loved to have stuff up her butt, my favorite was to push half a silk scarf halfway up her ass and she would have to walk around the house naked with that sticking out of her, her favorite thing was to tie up my balls with a scarf.

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