Train Ride

Author: Swingerstwo303

While sat on the train going from London to Paris, we travel through the countryside from London heading to the coast, the train is traveling at over 100 km an hour the car that we are sat in only had one or two other people in, and the closest one was five or six rows away. We've had several drinks, and are enjoying each other's company and watching the English countryside flying by.

I have my hand resting on your thigh, gently caressing the top of your leg, after have to several kilometers of this I slide my fingers between your thighs, feeling the pressure you open your legs and I run my fingers up and down the inside of your thighs and over the top of the mound that I know is your clitty. I run my hand up and over the mound gently putting pressure on it, you seem to enjoy it at the same time put your hand on top of mine and tell me to stop because of the other people around.

I tell you not to worry as everybody else sat in the cabin is facing away from us and are all busy reading or looking out of the window. Your hand relaxes and move away, I move my hand so the tips of my fingers are resting where I believe in your clitty is an gently but firmly begin to caress it. After several minutes of this I can see by the look on your face and by the way your body is tensing up and my fingers are having the desired effect, your hand is now resting on my rapidly hardening cock.
You once more tell me to stop as your scared that somebody will see, as I pour you a little bit more wine, I tell you that that's not a problem, as there are blankets in the overhead bin.

I quickly stand up and retrieve one of the blankets of the conductor had told us were up there and turned and drape it over your lower body. I sit back down and you left the one end of the blanket and place it in over my legs as well. Within seconds I feel your fingers searching for the zip on my jeans and soon feel your fingers wrapped around my cock and pulling it out of my pants. I returned the favor by undoing the top button on your jeans and pulling the zip down, I slipped my fingers inside your panties and quickly find your moist erect clitty that I gently squeeze between my two fingers, the next few minutes are spent enjoying the feel of each other's bodies.

Before I realize what you're doing, you have slipped out of your seat and are on your knees between my legs and with your head under the blanket, I left the top of the blanket and looked down at you as you run your tongue up the side of my cock and start licking the hard dark red tip, feeling your tongue makes my my cock jerk and you quickly wrap your hands around my balls and have two fingers racing the bottom of my cock as you lower your mouth around the head with your tongue flicking backwards and forwards. The feel of your mouth and tongue on my cock is just driving me crazy and I can feel the pressure building up inside me.

I finally persuade you to stop, and I get you to lower your jeans and underwear and come and sit on my lap, as you sit on my lap you grasp my cock and guided into your soaking wet vagina and lower your body down hard again me, I slipped my fingers and your bottom and gently lift and lower you back down so that my cock is now totally wet with your juices. As we setting this wonderful train with unsuspecting people only seats away from us, I grasp your thighs and work your body up and down my throbbing cock, you put your hands on the back of the seat in front of us and lower your head moving your body to get more of me into you, and your hands stifle the quiet moans coming from your mouth. As much as we both enjoyed this, I know that you will not come, I lower your body down and whisper in your ear that you should turn around and face me so that I can make you come.

After several minutes of hesitation, you leaned down and after slipping your shoe off use slip your one leg out of your jeans and panties, you quickly stand up, and turn around and after I slide the front edge of the seat you straddle my legs and guide my throbbing cock back inside you. Now with your clitty pressed hard against Me, I felt her cheeks your bottom and pull you harder against me, and within minutes your clitty has the desired pressure it needs and I can feel the orgasm building up inside your body, several loud moments come from your lips and you bury your head in my shoulder as I called your hips against me harder and harder I can feel myself getting ready to shoot my juices deep inside you. As I start to come this is enough to get you to climax, your body vibrates and shudders as you start to come, and once more a fairly loud cry comes from your lips. I look over your shoulder towards the other passengers but it appears nobody noticed. We sat there for several minutes enjoying the feelings washing over both of us as the English countryside race by us.

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