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3 Drunk Ladies in the Hot Tub

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Author: justincace

By now you may have read some of our exploits. Some might say how lucky can one guy get to have all these threesomes. It’s not easy let me tell you. Most times you have to really work it. From the first hint that a woman might be interested in your wife and you, to the point where the cards are on the table and it is time to play. At least that was the way it was for me until that one night I got home and heard the voices of some drunken ladies in the hot tub!

I was working twelve hour shifts and had to work 5 hours over my shift ending time. Gives me a total of 7 hours punch out to punch in. I get home and I notice a couple of cars out front of the house. I noticed the 2 cars belonged to my wife’s girlfriends, Jo (Who we had three different 3somes with and we have written about the first one, “My wife’s lactating friend”) and Amy. Amy was a beautiful girl. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin, freckles and a perfect body that could take whatever you could dish out. Amy was recently divorced and ready to get back to the dating scene. She had told my wife that she had recently had several wet dreams about her and my wife together. Amy also told my wife she had a dream that she was fucking me while my wife watched. We were shocked to hear all this since Amy never really talked about her sex life to my wife.

I walk in the house and see the back yard lights are on. I walk out the back and there are Lisa (My wife), Jo and Amy in the Hot Tub. I could see 2 empty bottles of wine and can tell the three of them are a little tipsy. I say my hellos while staring at Jo’s huge tata’s, My wife's fine figure and Amy who I see in a bikini and notice she has a beautiful figure and some sexy little tata’s herself. The ladies ask me to get them a bottle of wine and join them. Knowing I have only 7 hours to get back to work I try to get out of it and they understand. I get them the wine and head to bed. My bedroom window was right next to the hot tub and I could hear them getting drunk and loud. Sure enough it was not long before I hear my name being yelled to get more wine.

I go to the back door and tell them I think they had enough. I see them all start talking in a little circle and then they stand up and take off their bikini tops and throw them out of the hot tub. Wow! Three topless hot chicks, cock grows and what do ya know I am in the hot tub with my last bottle of wine.

My wife is a light weight with wine so I could tell she was drunk from the minute I got in. She was all over both Amy and Jo. She was showing off Jo’s tits to Amy and was feeling Amy up to compare how the two tits felt in her hand. She would occasionally rub my cock with her feet and announce that my cock was hard as a rock. I was cool with it and the ladies just seemed to be having fun rubbing each others tits and nipples.

Then my wife stands up takes off her bikini bottoms and says lets get this interesting. Well I was shocked. Jo and Amy agreed and they took off both of their bottoms. My wife always preferred to let her pussy hair grow, and I like a hairy bush. The three times we had sex with Jo she also had a very hairy bush. I could see now that Jo had trimmed her bush nicely since the last time I ate her great tasting pussy. Amy had her pussy hair in the landing strip cut witch I found very sexy. About 15 minutes go by with the ladies comparing pussy hair and size of their pussy lips and clits. They would touch each others pussies and moan and giggle. All of a sudden Jo says I need to get going I have to pick up my kids soon. My wife says well we all better jump a shower then. With that the four of us march into the one shower I had in my house. It was a tight fit let me tell ya.

The shower was very sexy. I managed to get my erection down to half a chub so it would not be, I guess in the way. My wife washed Amy and Jo washed me. She took extra time on my cock and watched it grow in her hands. Amy and my wife were watching and could see the precum start glistening out. My wife tells Amy, well let Jo and Justin finish washing each other and let me help you dry off. All of a sudden Amy and my wife are gone. Jo looks at me knowing my wife’s rule that I am not allowed in another’s pussy and say’s well now what. I could tell Jo was a little taken back that my wife was not into fucking her tonight but wanted in Amy’s crotch bad.

I, being the gentleman dropped to my knees and began licking Jo’s great pussy. She tried half heartedly to pull my head away and told me to stop. I just dug in more and sucked her clit harder. She leaned back on the shower wall and moaned she was Cuming. I continued to eat her pussy and now inserted my thumb onto her pussy and worked my middle finger into her asshole. She began to buck wildly and started panting “Oh no don’t do that”. At the same time she is pulling my head even harder onto her mound I thought she was going to break my nose. She must have cum three times in a row. She wiggled herself away from my fingers being inside her two holes and my mouth suctioned to her clit and jumped out of the shower. There I am on my knees cock fully engorged in what I know would only take a minute of attention to explode and Jo is dressing all in a hurry, still shuddering from Cuming so much.

I asked her to help me out. She looked at me and said what about Lisa? I said she is in the other room fucking Amy I think we will be alright. Jo lowered her shorts she had just put on and jumps back in the shower. She bends over in front of me and says my ass only and hurry.

I am in shock. I have been wanting inside her for so long, wow! I line up my cock and slowly start sliding it Jo’s ass. We could hear a loud scream coming from Amy. It was a pleasure scream and Jo says “fuck I am Cuming too”. With that I explode a huge nut right in her ass. I am pounding harder as I continue to explode. I filled up her ass with so much cum; I could see it already leaking out of her ass. I am finishing the pounding when Jo screams she is Cuming again. I am just about done now, slow short strokes just squirting the last of my sperm into her ass when she turns around and goes ass to mouth without saying a word.

Of course we are in the shower so I did not think much of it. By now the water is cold but I don’t care. Jo is feverishly working my cock. She swallows the last remnant of my first nut and is determined to get me hard. It takes her all of two minutes to harden me. She jumps out of the shower and tells me she does not want my wife and Amy to know I fucked her ass. She dresses and leaves. I am there with half a chub when Lisa and Amy step out of the bedroom and see me. Did she not take care of you, my wife asks. It was ok I said. Well come to the bedroom and let’s see what we can do.

We go to the bedroom and the three of us are naked and my wife tells me to eat Amy’s pussy. I dive right in and it was good. Amy was very tasty and different then Jo’s pussy that I just ate. Amy’s clit was small and her lips were not as big as Jo’s. Placing a finger into her tight pussy I could tell she had already came. I ask Lisa what they were doing and Amy just pulls my head back in and pulls my hair hard into her. I could hear Amy moaning and panting. My wife tells me that Amy makes that noise when she cums.

My wife tells me they used her vibrator on each other and sucked on each others tits. They finger fucked and rubbed clits together till they each orgasm. I must have eaten Amy’s pussy for twenty minutes when she pulls me away and say’s “no more, I can’t cum no more.” Thank god, I am thinking. I about have lock jaw and my tongue, I would rather cut out as much as it hurts.

My wife produces her vibrator and puts it on Amy’s clit. She then leans over Amy’s body and starts sucking my cock. Amy tells me that my wife made her cum 6 times and it was the first time she had ever had sex with a woman. That turns me on big time. I start rubbing Amy’s tits and nipples and she says “well you made me cum 4 times and know I am Cuming again”. She said it so matter of fact it turned me on. With that my wife stops blowing me and moves the vibrator to her clit. She motions for Amy to continue sucking my cock.

Amy puts my cock in her mouth and starts swirling her tongue around it. What ever she did felt so good I was ready to cum in less than 2 minutes. I tell Amy I am about to cum so she could pull it out and she just keeps sucking. As the first stream of sperm flies into her throat she starts deep throating my cock. She is making this noise while deep throating me and swallowing that my wife reaches orgasm with a loud scream. We all collapse on the bed and I give Amy a kiss on her forehead, the tip of her nose her lips and chin. I tell her that was incredible. She smiles and said “you were not to bad yourself and you taste great. With that Amy and my wife leave the room and I fall to sleep.

I wake up in the morning to my wife naked sleeping next to me. Of course I have the morning glory and slowly slide my cock into her wet pussy. She was waking up and I told her she was very wet. She tells me she is soar and for me to go slow. Why you so wet I ask? She tells me that Amy left only 20 minutes ago.

What did you do all night I asked? “Don’t worry about it she says, I am Cuming already”. With that I dump a huge load of cum in her fine red pussy. She thanks me for “everything you did last night and this morning”, rolls over and goes back to sleep and I am back in the shower heading to work with no where near enough sleep, a sore tongue and a great night to think of all day.

My wife would never tell me what she and Amy did all night. We never had Amy in our bed again. My wife and Amy remain close till today. My wife set Amy up with a guy who I supervised. They got married and had a child. At the wedding Amy came up to me and said she had told her new husband about our night and it really turned him on. She said many a night they have sex and she tells him the story. He and I never discussed it and we always got along. All is well that ends well.

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