first time with Kelly MM

Author: play4rooki

My first time with Kelly was sort of planned and sort of not. It all began about a year before when I approached Dee about opening our marriage. I had secretly fantasised about watching my wife get busy with a well hung stud for several years but, didn't have the stones to talk about it. I had also secretly dreamed of a stud of my own to fuck and suck, but settled for the occasional strap on fuck from my wife. Our first time with Kelly was akward but still fun. Dee was not sure what to do with two guys on this occasion so i let Kelly take the lead. Things were going fine when, in the heat of the moment he started stroking my cock. I returned the favor and , we gave each other blow jobs, but that night is for another time.

A few weeks later Kelly made a trip down for the weekend and, by this time we had developed a comfort level with each other so i decided to play my hand and see where it went. I had slipped on a pair of green panties earlier that night, and when we were changing for dinner the evening Kelly smiled when he saw them. "Nice Ass" he said and padded my but like he does with Dee. " I guess you like them or is it whats under them you like?". I just blurted it out.
My brain was going in 10 different directions trying to see what kind of reaction i would get, hoping for something good. I relaxed when Kelly said "both....Got anything in black?"

I pulled out my stash of girly stuff and revealed a pair of black thigh hi stockings with garter belt."pute'm on and don't worry about the panties you can show me after dinner." I had a feeling I can only express as prom night jitters. I got dressed making sure that the garters were adjusted propperly, slid on my jeans, and got in the car. Dinner was uneventful, god conversation, as usual great food and warm atmoshere. We payed the check and , as we're walking out the door I feel a hand run over my ass, it was Kelly. When he found the garter he gave me a pat and said "I want to go home and fuck." I hoped I knew what he ment but, was wondering about how Dee felt. When the three of us got to the car Dee said "I'm not feeling up to it tonight , why don't you two have some fun." My jaw about hit the floor but i said nothing.

We arrived at the house Kelly led me to Dee and I's room and shut the door. "Show me" is all he needed to say. I was soon standing in front of Kelly in nothing but garters and stockings, He reached for and stoked my cock a bit as he stripped out his jeans. I didn't need to be asked for what he wanted, I wanted it to, I craved it. I needed to suck him, and suck him i did. It wasn't long before Kelly had his hands in my hair and was fucking my face. I was in lust, I slurped his meat like my life depended on it.

After only a few minutes of what i thought was heaven, Kelly pulled me to my feet, and layed me on the bed, face up stocking clad legs in the air. "please fuck me, I want to feel you cum inside me." I was lost in the moment, Kelly lubed me up and positioned himself at my opening. "Be gentle, it's my fisrt real cock." My brown eye streched as he slowly pushed his way in, I instantly relaxed and let him in. In one swift motion all eight inches of thick cock that I had watched go into my wife numerous times, was now deap inside my back door. I felt dirty and I loved it. "pound me" I heard not realizing it was me that said it. I can still feal the motion of his cock sliding in and out of me, soft at first then harder, oh yes harder. Before long the slight burning sensation of his load filling my ass as our groans fill the room.

We have since had many sessions of this nature and with the wife as well but that another story

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