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my first Bi MMF

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Author: drisot86

My story takes place in may of 05, I was currently single, but promised my ex that I would take her to her senor prom. I did as I promised, and the dance turned out to be amazing, I remember staring into her beautiful brown eyes, and longing to kiss her rosy red lips, her touch was all it took to make me fall for her again. The whole night we fought back the erg to indulge in the lustful sin that we both desired, I could see it in her eyes how bad she wanted me. We planed to meet up with one of my closest friends at my house after prom. My date and I went back to my house as planed, but my friend was know where to be found. As soon as we got inside we started kissing, fueled with so much passion, so much lust, our hands never left each others body. Then a knock on the door, my friend had arrived. With My heart still beating fast and her taste still on my lips, we were forced to take a short recess . my friend brought beer, and so we started to drink. He was a tall kid, blond hair blue eyes, him and my girl friend have dated in the past but never had sex, but on the other had he as done stuff with me, It started by watching porn together, then jerking each other off, to oral sex. But nothing further. My girlfriend knew this, and thought that two guys kissing was hot. So she asked if we would kiss. We didn’t really like kissing each other but did it just to please her. Then me and my girlfriend started to kiss, I liked the fact that he was watching, with a smile on his face. “ hey that’s not fair what about me?” he asked. She looked at me and I gave her a nod. He was sitting on the couch at the time, so we walked over to him, got on his lap and begin to make out with my friend. Seeing this turned me on, I had to be a part of it, so I slid over next to him and ran my hand down his leg to feel his fully erect penis in his pants. I slipped it free from its prison and slowly stroke it as the two way kissing between then turned into a orgy of tongues. The three of us made out on that couch until we couldn’t take it any more. We Then made our way to the bed stripping each other of their cloths, he laid on the bed as my girl lay on top of him, the two of them continued to kiss. I slid my cock between their lips as they took turns sucking, I then made my way to his cock, at this time it was hard and throbbing I stuck it in my mouth as he begin to thrust it down my throat, at the same time my fingers found their way to her pussy, she was dripping wet, my fingers where drenched in seconds. I then grabbed a hold of his cock and slipped it in her slit. They started to fuck and took turns sucking my cock, I then made my way to her perfect ass, I mounted her and forced my cock deep inside her ass, she let out a whimper, which was soon drowned out by monies of pure ecstasy. The excitement soon became to much and I cummed in her ass, as I pulled out it flowed down her crack and onto is cock. I cummed but I still wanted more, we spent the rest of that night taking turns fucking and getting head from her, then ended up in a 69 with each other. The night ended, ironically like any porn you would see, she finished us both off as we cam on her face. We ended up doing this a couple more time. It wasn’t weird at all, we where all very comfortable with each other. It only came to an end when we all went our separate ways for college, but I will never forget that experience, and am looking forwards to making some new ones.
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