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Swinger clubs are practically everywhere these days, from major cities around the globe to small towns you’ve never even heard of. With how little we see representations of ethical non-monogamy in the media, it’s easy to go through life thinking it doesn’t exist.

And yet, millions of couples just like you are finding success at SwingTowns -- the largest dating site for the non-monogamous!

As the English-speaking world becomes more open-minded about relationships, western societies are scrapping archaic notions about monogamy and replacing them with sexier, more relevant ones. People are less afraid to talk about the things they want in their sexual and romantic relationships, and they’re starting to ask for them.

We live in a time where it’s never been more okay to just be you -- and swinging is an excellent way to express that!

The truth is, swinging itself is a lot more chill than you might think. There’s no “right way” to do it and you don’t have to meet any specific criteria. That’s one of the greatest things about swinging: the inclusivity. People of all backgrounds, orientations, shapes, and sizes have a place in the lifestyle and this will be evident from your first swinging experience! Of course, picking the right club is key. That’s why we partner with swinger clubs all around the world to make your search easy. Just find your area using the links above and sign up for free! Once you’re in, you can “follow” every nearby swinger club that looks interesting, stay up-to-date on meetups, and get swinging immediately.

Believe it or not, swinger clubs are a great place to start for anyone interested in the lifestyle (right after our popular swinging blog, the SwingTowns Open Library). Though it might seem intimidating at first, going to lifestyle events as a newcomer is the best way to get a feel for what swinging is like without any of the commitment. That’s right -- you and your partner can just be spectators until you feel comfortable enough to go further.

And “going further” never has to mean all the way. For example, plenty of swinger couples are “soft swap” which means sexual activity without penetration. These couples like to experience foreplay with other partners, then go off on their own to focus on each other.

But this is just scratching the surface of all that swinging has to offer.

Like we said before: the lifestyle welcomes all backgrounds, orientations, shapes, and sizes! Some couples are into BDSM, others aren’t. Some “couples” come in three -- also called “throuples” -- or more. There are plenty of singles in the lifestyle, too! These individuals are called “unicorns” and are usually bisexual females. Age differences and body types also vary widely in the lifestyle.

Yep. In swinging, there is something for everyone!

Now that you know how easy it is to get started, find your location above and grab your free membership at SwingTowns: the best open dating network. There are millions of people just like you waiting on the other side!

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