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April 18th, 2018

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Toronto, Ontario

Hump Day - Wednesday Afternoon Party @ Club M4 Playtime in the daytime! WEDNESDAYS are 1-7pm A sexy social space for singles, non-monogamous, poly people and folks anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum (including allies!) interested in a little afternoon delight. During the weekday parties we're encouraging an atmosphere where introductions go down at the bar and satisfaction goes to the back rooms. The side lounge; aka "The Library Bar" is for flirtatious fun, foreplay - most of the real action happens in our back play area. This quickly grew into a fantastic midweek mixing'n'mingling event - make Hump Day a reality - we've set the scene, now it's up to you to manifest the opportunities. RSVP today! We generally see a minimum of 20 people with mixed interests - hence the colour coded wristbands (see below). Set up a date and meet at the club for a cold (or hot!) drink. In addition to our large play area we’ve three rooms you can set your privacy preferences; door open, door closed or open with a rope across. Indulge and make use of the kink and fetish furniture in the lounge, however, please make staff and other patrons aware of your preference for participants and/or perimeter comfort levels. Help us, help you set everyone up for for a 'succ-sexful' experience! A massage table is set up regularly with 'Secret Lovers' sensual lotions courtesy of The Love Shop - you can make this a fun afternoon of flirtatious playtime that will set you up for some fantastic foreplay. Feel free to ask the bartender to set up Guitar Hero if you’d like to set up some friendly challenges. At these weekday afternoon parties, all our guests are asked to pick a coloured wristband that they feel represents what sort of connection they are seeking. PINK = Interested in Women Only BLUE = Interested in Men Only YELLOW = Exploring / New GREEN = Open Minded / Pansexual / Bi PURPLE = Kink / Fetish / BDSM And remember, you will receive a discount on your cover charge when you return for more fun at 9pm when the entire club reopens. Couples return at no charge and single men pay only $20 (regular entry fee is $50.) Club M4 / menageaquatre.com 2814 Lake Shore Blvd West @Islington 647.430.7975 $10 Couples // $40 Men // FREE - TS/CD/TG/TV/CIS Women Lounge Bar: Clothing Optional / Play Area: "bedroom appropriate" is required, even to voyeur.

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