Mason City Kitty! (IOWA)

I am a curious single female in my early 50’s. I’ve been on here a little while now and have enjoyed meeting new friends and getting into the “Swing” of things! So let me tell you about myself. If you have checked out any of my pictures you may have noticed that I’m not the Barbie Doll type! I’m built for comfort, not for speed! Like a Cadillac.... That being said, I am willing to try new things. However, I don’t care to to make sex into a sport! If sex was supposed to be a sport, they would have made it an Olympic Event! 🥇 (Can you imagine?) 😳.

I would like to get to know single straight males and couples. Learning our likes and dislikes will guide us in the direction that is comfortable for everyone involved. I very much enjoy sex, but like that Cadillac, I like to take things slow, see how we handle the curves, and make sure we have a memorable time reaching our destination. I know I have left things vague. But as we get to know each other, you will figure out a lot of the things I am willing to do or not do weighs heavily on my comfort level and that of the person or people I am with. So if something intrigues you or you would like something from me, please just ask! You never know, timing, compatibility, combined with the heat of the moment, could turn a definite No into a “Hmmm, I could probably try that!” I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you so we can kick back together and make some fun and amazing memories! Thanks for checking in... ~Kelli 🦄⛈💦🏖.

Please have pictures to exchange!!! It’s always good to give and receive!.

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  • We are thoroughly enjoying this site. Easy to navigate and all the people we have talked to are just amazing looking to have fun and make some friends on the way.

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